Lakeview Farms

Alisa - a Tiger in Her Tank

AlisaI am often asked whether any of my family ever worked at Lakeview Farms; the answer is yes -- our daughter Alisa and my wife, Kathy,  the Chairman of the Board

Quite truthfully, Alisa was one of the hardest workers we ever had!  Alisa has always been a high octane go-getter since early childhood and  surprised me by actually asking if she could work at our farm.  My pet name for her was Tiger for reasons that will become obvious.  

During the late 1980's we had been troubled by a few vandal prone kids who seem to like peppering every object at the farm with their new air rifle.  I would usually place a polite call the St. Charles County Sheriff who always seemed to arrive after the kids had left.  After several incidents like that, Alisa became convinced that some more forceful countermeasures need to be taken.   When Alisa got that resolute look on her face I knew  that someone was in for some very deep, trouble indeed!

Fortunately (rather unfortunately for the vandal), the next time the kid with the air rifle showed up was while we had customers in the field.  Alisa placed a "panic" call to the St. Charles Sheriff's office saying that one of our customers "could be" shot by this miscreant if something isn't done quickly.  I never knew the Sheriff's office could react so quickly; in a few minutes a squad car arrived and the miscreant was apprehended.   That was the end of our air gun vandalism problems for good!

When customers used to ask what will happen to the farm when I get too old to run it any more I said it would probably be turned into a horse farm -- Alisa's main recreational interest.

Alisa Lask is the Vice President and General Manager, Aesthetic Business Unit at Galderma, currently a Nestlé Skin Health company.  Galderma markets consumer skin care products like Cetaphil & Proactiv and a number of prescription solutions for use by dermatologists and other health care professionals.