Lakeview Farms

Bonnie and Clyde's Loot

This activity may not be available in 2012 -- a strong windstorm felled a tree crushing Bonnie & Clyde's pickup cab.

During the early 1930‘s two notorious bank robbers, Bonnie & Clyde Barrow terrorized small town banks in this part of the Midwest.  Clyde’s favorite vehicle for getaways was a Ford because (in his words to the Chairman of Ford Motors) they were dependable starters – a must if you are in the bank robbery business. The original letter in Clyde’s handwriting is in the Ford Museum in Detroit. All Clyde’s getaway cars were stolen.

In 1931, Bonnie & Clyde stole a Ford pick up truck from a farmer in St. Peters and robbed the First National Bank on Main Street in O’Fallon Missouri.  The bank, however, had prepared for this eventuality by assembling bags of one sided fake $2 bills that looked real when they were bundled up but would be impossible to spend. When Bonnie & Clyde realized that they had been duped, they ditched the pickup truck and the fake loot on what was then the Illy dairy farm near O’Fallon.  In 1977 the Illy farm became Lakeview Farms.

When you find the Loot, take one of the fake 1929 $2 bills from the loot that Bonnie & Clyde left.  Keep in mind that the pre 1930 bills were larger than today’s currency and that $2.00 in 1929 could buy about what $20.00 could buy today.

Don’t try to spend this “money” or you’ll end up in jail. Put the remaining money back in the plastic pouch, reseal then replace the plastic pouch back in the plastic box and close.

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