Lakeview Farms

Brett McKenna

faster than a speeding bullet

Brett worked a Lakeview farms from 1994 to 2000 -- a very long time.  His first job  was picking raspberries for customers that were unable to pick.  Even at age 12, Brett could pick 3 half-pints of  raspberries for every two the older college kids could.

In the late 1990's as Brett's reputation grew, younger teenage kids would challenge him every late November to a straw spreading contest to see who could mulch a row of strawberry plants the fastest.  Needless to say, the young guns never won or even came close.  His younger bother Brian, seemed almost as fast taking on all comers but  we never staged  a head-to-head contest between the two.

I have written  several letters of recommendation for Brett over the years and besides being exceptionally productive,  Brett was one of the most likeable, loyal, and dependable employees I have ever had the good fortune to work with. 

Brett served (2005-2006) a tour of duty with the Missouri National Guard in Iraq.