Lakeview Farms


a Google(ing) Pioneer

ChristianaChristiana  only worked for us a few weeks in 2001 but deserves placement in the Lakeview Hall of Fame for letting her boss know that she had "googled" him before taking his job offer.  I had never heard the term before and lest you think it is something X rated (which it isn't),  here is a brief explanation:   You type a persons name in one of the search engines like google ( but and work pretty well to) and see what comes up.  Christiana says that some of  the girls she knows  do this on all first dates too -- kind of eliminates the mass murderers.

While composing this web page I thought it would be appropriate to google Christiana.  I found out some interesting information that even her parents, Jan & Gary, don't know -- Christiana was evidently secretly married in Kosciusko County Indiana   

                                                       in 1859.