Lakeview Farms

Dave:  Keeping Hot Rod Cars off the Road

Dave Tiefenbrunn worked at Lakeview Farms from 1984 to 1986.  Dave was a real hardworking and personable employee and also one I could depend on to get the job done.

Dave's one problem, as it turned out, was his car.  While Dave was a  regular high school kid who drove cautiously and obeyed the laws, his sporty car must have screamed HOT ROD to every police cruiser in St. Charles county.  Dave seemed to get pulled over (usually for "vehicle safety checks")  almost as soon as he drove out of his driveway.  After a while, this got very tiresome, so Dave sold his sporty car and bought his grandmother's older car.  Dave never got pulled over after that.

What did Dave do after graduation?   Dave became an officer in the St. Charles Country Sheriffs  Department with his own cruiser.  Dave now  has a "desk job" as Lieutenant in the St. Charles County Sheriffs Department, however, and presumably  leaves "hot rod" enforcement to other officers.

2007 Update: Dave's son's Brett and Brian also worked at Lakeview farms