Lakeview Farms

Denis Ketcherside -- In memoriam

this was a very difficult web page to write even 10 years  after Denis took his own life in 1994.

Denis had worked at Lakeview Farms for several years starting in about 1990. During that period Denis was one of the best individuals I ever had the occasion to work with.  When you pick red raspberries at our farm, notice the intricate wire trellis with posts spaced every 15 feet or so -- there are roughly 500 posts with over four miles of wire.  This trellis is work that Denis did over several months and it still serves as a reminder of his dedication.

It was very difficult to be a young adult when I was one....and I am sure it has gotten even more difficult over the years.  Denis was a gifted student, handsome, well liked by his peers, and very personable.  A few days before I received the tragic news from his sister Marie, I remember hoeing weeds and talking with Denis  about his career plans to enter premed the coming fall and thinking that he really "had it all together".