Lakeview Farms

Dried Gourd Availability

Be sure to call my cell phone ( 636-387-2695 ) prior to coming to be sure I plan to be at the farm when you arrive. 

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Lakeview Farms is not currently set up to package and ship gourds so if you live outside of the St. Louis, MO metro area click here for a list of other gourd farms that are set up to ship dried gourds out of their area.

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Price at the Farm

Supply as of Feb 21, 2018

Speckled Swan Dried Speckled Swan Gourd Ducks, Geese, Swan, and birdhouses.  This is a thinner shell gourd about 1/8" thick.   $2 to 4 Our large 2016 crop of dried Swan gourds are available now.
Bushel Dried Bushel Basket bowls and drums $6 to $9 we have a few dried gourds from our 2016 crop available now
Mini Nigerian Bottle Dried Nigerian Mini Gourds Jewelry, mini vase, and Christmas Tree Ornaments $0.50 We have an excellent supply
Basketball Dried Baskedball Gourds Used for bowls and baskets, lamps and lamp shades, permanent jack-O-lanterns, globes $4-6 we have a modest quantity of gourds available from our 2016 crop
Bottle Dried Small Bottle Gourds   $2 to 4 excellent supply
Martin House  Dried Martin House Gourds Birdhouses, bowls, lidded containers.  A very thick walled gourd ! $2 to 4
Sold out but we have a good supply of dried gourds from 2017 that will be brought in from the field in March
Cannonball Dried Cannonball Gourds Small bowls, lidded containers, and stacked snowballs/cannonballs   $1.50 excellent supply
Penguin (soft shell) Dried Penguin Gourd  When a crafter adds eyes and a painted tuxedo, this gourd is a perfect penguin.  More commonly used for rattles, vases, and butterfly houses. $1.50 sold out
Caveman's Club / Maranka Dried Caveman's Club Gourd Birdhouses & Masks.  This is a very thick and tough gourd $2 to 4 just a few left
Egg (soft shell) Dried Nest Egg Gourds limited usage due to very thin shell $0.50 sold out
Mexican Bottle Mexican Bottle Gourd
A very versatile smaller gourd !
$1 to $2 Excellent supply! 
Sennari Sennari Japanese mini gourdThis gourd can be highly variable in shape A Japanese mini bottle about 3" tall and 2" in diameter.  Useful for jewelry and ornaments $.70 excellent supply
Canteen Dried Canteen Gourd decorated purses, shallow bowls, lidded boxes $2 to 6 good Supply
Chinese Bottle Chinese Bottle Gourd   $1 to $2 Excellent supply!
Kettle Gourd Dried Kettle Gourd   $2 to $5 excellent supply
Indonesian Bottle Indonesian Bottle Gourd Birdhouses, Shekere African Bead Drums  and more.  A very thick, hard shell gourd. $2 to $7
 fair supply.  We will be planting more trellised gourds in 2018.
African Wine Kettle Dried African Kettle Gourd Santa Claus, Shekere African Bead Drums $7 to 26 fair supply of dry gourds (about 20)
Giant Bushel Dried Giant Bushel Gourd Used for bowls and sewing baskets $7 to 26  sold out
Large Kettle Gourd Dried Large Pear Gourd Used for bowls and drums  $7 to $26 sold out
Large Drum Gourd Drum Gourd Used for bowls and drums  $7 to $26  sold out
Dipper Dried Dipper Gourd Short Handle  ladles & birdhouses   $3  sold out
Apple  Dried Apple Gourd Teacher Gifts, bird feeders, boxes, and bowls.  A very hard shelled gourd. $2.00 excellent supply
Italian Snake (soft shell) Dried Snake Gourd limited usage due to thin shell $3 just a few left