Lakeview Farms

Find the Troll's Cache ( and Cash ) $3 admission charge per child.  The cache is located in a very child accessible area east of the creek.

late May thru end of June

While the Lakeview Farm Troll may be short and ugly, he apparently has an independent source of income and manages to travel throughout the world -- troll class I assume.  In his travels he has managed to amass a large collection of foreign coins/bills and keeps them  in a cache ( hiding spot ) on the farm.  I stumbled on to it this winter and asked the troll if he would mind sharing some of the foreign coins/bills with the children that visited the farm.  He agreed, but stated that no child named Billy (or Billie) would be permitted to enter the cache and that each child be limited to only one coin or bill.  I have no idea of how valuable this foreign money (like Indian rupees, Belgian francs, Malaysian ringets ... ) really is.

The cache is easy to find if you have one of those GPS receivers like a Magellan or Garmin eTrex.  Since the troll normally lives in wooded areas, he is extremely good on directions and gave me the latitude and longitude coordinates which we will share with you when you visit the farm. If you would like to find out more about using a GPS receiver to find a cache (this is called Geocaching)  there is an excellent site on the web which you should check out:

For those kids who do not have a GPS receiver, the troll paced off directions from his old "troll bridge" which we relocated from the creek to the yellow raspberry area a few years ago.   You will probably need a compass or a very good idea of directions ( North, South, East, West ....) if you hope to use the Troll's directions, however.

If possible, we will try to get the names ( first names only ) and digital pictures of anyone who finds the troll's cache and post it to our web site.

Click here to see a list of kids who have found the Troll's Cache & cash