Lakeview Farms

Fun Things To Do

Prospect For Gold in the Creek   Late May to the end of June  Admission charge: $3 per child for Scheduled Groups only  late May to the end of June

Dig for diamonds  Equipment deposit: $5 per child ($3 is refundable). Late May to the end of June.   

Find the Troll's Cache (and Cash) -- a high tech treasure hunt   Admission charge: $3 per child late may to end of June.  This cache is in a child accessible area east of the creek .

Find Bonnie And Clyde's Loot -- a second high tech treasure hunt.  Our most challenging treasure hunt but probably not available due to wind damage in 2011. 

Feed the Geese on the pond  (early in the morning)

Adopt a Pet (Gary the Groundhog)

Come early and see the fox

View our Airborne Snake Patrol ( Red Tailed Hawk )l

A sad story for our newest farm residents (the ducks)