Lakeview Farms

Feed the Geese

(May, June, September, and October)

Geese Swimming

The combination of our pond, leftover corn from last year's corn maze, an acre of unharvestted grain sorghum, and several acres of lush green wheat seeded for a cover crop make Lakeview Farms an ideal goose "hang out".  

Feeding the Geese

As well fed as they are, the geese still come running when people hand out a good tasting  but not nutritionally sound "snack" food like bread. 

 Old time strawberry growers swear that four or five geese in a strawberry field will keep the weeds mowed without chemicals.  I don't know about the weed control abilities  of geese but they do contribute to soil  fertility in a rather direct  manner.  Ugh !   If you have noticed that the geese at your neighborhood pond, golf course, or lake seem to disappear in late winter and early spring, Lakeview Farms seems to be where they usually "hang out" feasting on leftover corn and sorghum in our mazes.  Perhaps we should rename our farm "Goosehaven Farms".

Pond Full of Geese 2004

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