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Gourd Decorating & Painting Ideas

Pine Needle Basketry by Marie Gravatt This gourd was crafted by Marie Gravatt.  The upper lip of the bowl is woven from VERY long southern yellow pine needles (see strands in bowl).  I photographed this bowl on my office bookshelf -- notice how the faint mottled gourd appearance seems to blend right in with the wood on my shelf.

If you are interested in purchasing these baskets contact Marie Gravatt at 314-205-2370 or email her at
Cat In The Hat Gourd This gourd was created by Brian Martin of Gourd Monsters.  Click here for more pictures of Brian's work
Purple Feather Birdhouse Gourd This very attractive painted birdhouse gourd is named  "Purple Feather".
Jack In The Box Face This cute, decorated gourd in the image of a trademark "Jack In The Box" advertising character  was submitted by Debbie Hauser.

October 18, 2009
Gold Birdhouse Gourd I call this the "Golden Birdhouse"
Decorated Canteen Gourd Purse October 2006

Lil Boesewetter brought me an example of a purse she had created from a canteen gourd.

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Red Birhouse Gourd What a cute touch with the small bird in the doorway!
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Painted Penguin Gourds  Twenty five girls at a joint program of the Florida Gourd Society and Florida Federation of Garden Clubs each created their unique "Penguin" in Apopka, FL,
From Connie Worrell of the American Gourd Society Magazine.
Bottle Gourd Christmas Ornaments  These Christmas tree ornaments were made by Douglas A. Miller.
American Gourd Society Magazine.
Snow Man Created from African Kettle Gourd October 2006

Lil Boesewetter brought me a Santa Claus  she had created from an African Kettle Gourd.

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Old Style Gourd a good idea for those of you that have artistic talent
Prize Winning Gourd a prize winner but some very intricate art work was involved
Gourds With Faces you can paint pumpkin faces on gourds too !
Gourd Urn this reminds me of an urn
Snowman Gourd This is called a "snowman gourd"
Gourd Basket a cute enamel basket from gourds
Glowing Gourd Centerpiece You can make a striking Glowing Gourd Centerpiece for your table.  Click here for directions.
White Ghost Gourds my very favorite --white ghost gourds from dried Speckled Swan Gourds