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Lakeview Farms has a wide assortment of gourds available for sale to the crafter, musician, or hobbyist ranging in size from the mini Nigerian bottle gourd to the humongous giant bushel gourd -- and all sizes between!

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Used for:
Speckled Swan Gourd Dried Speckled Swan Gourd   Ducks, Geese, Swan, and birdhouses   
Bushel Basket Gourd Dried Bushel Basket  bowls and drums 
Mini Nigerian Bottle Gourd Dried Nigerian Mini Gourds Jewelry, mini vase, and Christmas Tree Ornaments  
Basketball Gourd Dried Baskedball Gourds Used for bowls and baskets, lamps and lamp shades, permanent jack-O-lanterns, globes 
Bottle Gourd Dried Small Bottle Gourds A very versatile gourd for crafting.
Martin House Gourd Dried Martin House Gourds Birdhouses, bowls, lidded containers 
Cannonball Gourd Dried Cannonball Gourds Small bowls, lidded containers, and stacked snowballs/cannonballs  
Penguin Gourd Dried Penguin Gourd When a crafter adds eyes and a painted tuxedo, this gourd is a perfect penguin.  More commonly used for rattles, vases, and butterfly houses. 
Caveman's Club / Maranka Gourd Dried Caveman's Club Gourd Birdhouses & Masks 
Egg Gourd Egg Gourd limited usage due to very thin shell 
Mexican Bottle Gourd Mexican Bottle Gourd new item for 2010

A very versatile smaller gourd !  
Canteen Gourd Dried Canteen Gourd decorated purses, shallow bowls, lidded boxes 
Chinese Bottle Gourd Chinese Bottle Gourd
Kettle Gourd Dried Kettle Gourd New Item for 2012
Indonesian Bottle Gourd Indonesian Bottle Gourd
African Wine Kettle Gourd Dried African Kettle Gourd Santa Claus, Shekeries (African Drum) 
Giant Bushel Gourd Dried Giant Bushel Gourd Used for bowls and sewing baskets  
Large Kettle Gourd Large Kettle Gourd  Used for bowls and drums  
Orange Ball Dried Gourd    
Dipper Gourd Dried Dipper Gourd Short Handle ladles & birdhouses 
Apple Gourd  Dried Apple Gourd Teacher Gifts, bird feeders, boxes, and bowls  
Italian Snake Gourd Dried Snake Gourd limited usage due to thin shell