Lakeview Farms

Greg and the Playmate of the Month

Greg Phillips was a long term employee that I could literally trust to handle just about anything but I never would have imagined how versatile his skills actually were!

Greg's initial dream was to become a major league baseball player but later in his college career Greg thought a  career in public relations might be a little more dependable way to pay the bills.  Greg then took a summer internship with Fox Network in St. Louis but continued to work part time at Lakeview Farms. 

An internship with Fox meant that you get to handle arrangements on just about anything! One of the arrangements Greg "handled" was  a promotional visit by a former "Playmate of the Month".  I can remember sitting down with Greg and a bunch of the teenage boys "with eyes wide open" at farm break time and having Greg fill us in what he was doing.  It was a tough job, I guess, but somebody had to do it!

Since Greg could handle just about anything well, it's hard to come up with any funny stories but just to keep Greg loose,  I once gave him a hard time about putting in a wood fence post in our early raspberry trellis up-side-down (quite truthfully, there really is no right-side-up).  We marked that post with a "Built by Greg"  sign so if you are picking raspberries and see it you will know what it's all about.

Greg was also our resident farm philosopher -- click here to hear some of his sage advice

Greg is now a full time Media  Relations Director with Fox Sports in Minneapolis working with publicity on  sports stars .  That's really not too far from his initial dream!