Lakeview Farms

Lakeview Hall of Fame

These are  short stories regarding some of the most noteworthy (should I say infamous ?)  employees (and  customers) Lakeview Farms has had over the last 30 years.

Brett Tiefenbrunn - found a REAL diamond at our farm -- Do you believe in miracles ?

Christie B who worked for free -----  and holds the record for longest employment (10 years)

Mark Kesselring -- Fighting the Pirates in 2010

Karri & Monica:  How we got started in the Pumpkin business

Snake Stories:  Missy Cole (one fearless strawberry picker), Farmer Carl (a toy snake "bites" back), & Karri ( gee, this snake is really cute!)

Farmer Karl's "run-ins" with the Law:  questioned by the FBI,   on the St. Charles county list of usual shooting suspects,     raided by the O'Fallon Police.

Melanie and Katia: Two stuck in the mud raspberry pickers

Melanie -- Is there a (future) doctor in the shed?

Tim & Gary:  Our first two Lakeview Farm Employees

Marge:  a tornado spotter gets nervous

Sharon: Eating Dust during Road Construction

Matt Thornhill: comes da Judge

Jane: Our most loyal customer among ex employees

Denis:  in memoriam, a tribute to a fine person

Brett: faster than a speeding bullet

Laura:  Perfection Personified 

Carl K. - just following orders

Seeing double:  Twins: Carol & Kathy, Bruce & Brad, Kayla & Sara

Heather & Chris : Romance in the strawberry field

Alisa-- a real tiger in her tank

Tami:  this is easier work than I expected

Mitch:  Let me entertain you

Jessica J:  tired of Pumpkins at the pumpkin farm 

Greg Phillips and the Playmate of the Month  

Fast Eddie:  

Jennifer:  she really was fast after all !!

Rob:  dishpan hands are a bummer

Christiana:  google pioneer -- check him out !

Patty:  a second generation returns to the farm

Dave:  keeping  hot rod cars off the road

Ric: most impressive employee resume 

Brian McKenna: second longest employment streak