Sent: January 09, 2017
Subject: Thrips in Strawberries

To whom it may concern,


I am a strawberry grower from New Hampshire that has had bronzing in my late season variety AC valley sunset for the last two seasons.  The damage was diagnosed by local extension as a boron deficiency. 


I really enjoyed reading the "thrip study" you published on your website.  The similarities are amazing to what I am finding on my farm.    Early and mid season varieties are fine, it's just the very late blooming variety which has damage. I am even finding damage in the nectarines we grow, it's funny how the damage does not show up in the peaches in the same orchard, I'm thinking the nectarine flower attracts the thrips more than the peach does. 


I will certainly scout heavily for thrips in my berries and nectarines this season.  


Thanks again for publishing your work for us all to benefit!


All the best!


Giff Burnap

Butternut farm Llc

Farmington New Hampshire



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Thanks for your kind comments.  I'm glad that this information is continuing to prove useful to other growers.


Carl Lask

Lakeview Farms

Cell Phone: 636-387-2695


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