Farmer Carl, I have been a customer for  at least six years and maybe more   I usually pick about 50 lbs of berries and have enjoyed doing so until this year.

My brother was visiting from New York so I invited him to pick with me.  When we arrived we were told to go to a patch which was to the south of the shed.  I went to that patch and a young man told me we would have to wait until a picker finished getting as many as he wanted and then we could pick.  This seemed unreasonable since there were many berries hanging on the plants.  I asked if a patch to the south had been picked and the young man said it had.  I  did not ask him when, I just said is it all-right to pick where someone had already picked and he said yes, it was OK.  So I stepped over a row and started picking. These berries were poorly picked, there were many rotten berries in the middle of the row so I proceeded to pick the very ripe ones and throw the rotten ones out.  The next thing I  knew you were standing there giving me a sermon about how things are done at Carl's Patch and I was embarrassed that I could get chewed out for doing what I thought was acceptable.  Evidently you don't need people to pick or you would be more considerate of  the feelings of an older woman who has always been a good customer. The patch I was told to go to after that hassle was the patch east of the shed right along Mexico Road. I picked about 12 lbs. and brought them home for my family from New York. The berries were not the best quality and became very watery when I put sugar on them for dessert.

I realize that dealing with the public can be difficult and I understand that you cannot let people pick at will any where they like but I do think you should find out the reason someone is doing something before you begin to embarrass them by your verbal barrage. 

Thank you for your time. y lik
Obviously, Anita had a less than enjoyable experience at Lakeview Farms in May 2005.

Unfortunately, I am not terribly diplomatic when I get complaints from both my field supervisor and other customers in the area. 

It would appear that Lakeview Farms  has  room for improvement in the area of customer relations.


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