Lakeview Farms

Marge -- A Nervous Tornado Spotter

Marge Jones

For several  years, Marge was one of my most dependable and trustworthy adults that helped out during weekdays while the teenage help was still in school.  Marge and her mother had both taken the US Weather Service Spotter training classes and were quite sensitive to what damage a tornado could do.   

Since lightning is the major outdoor safety threat at our farm, our normal  operating procedure is to get everyone out of the field and into cars to wait out what appears to be a brief thunderstorm.  That day, however, the winds were unusually strong and blew an unbolted table top right off the checkout table.  That's all the signal Marge & Margaret needed to "peel rubber" and get as far from the farm as possible.  I did not see them again until the next day.

Marge Pflundt still lives in the local area and is a mother  with 3 children.