Lakeview Farms

June 10, 2007 Newsletter

Red RaspberriesRaspberry
Red raspberry picking began on May 31--one day ahead of schedule. Mother Nature's one-two punch of freeze then wet weather may have hammered the strawberries pretty badly, but the red raspberries are still looking pretty good.  As always, it's not a bad idea later in the morning to call before you come just in case customers are coming faster than the berries are ripening and we are forced to shut down picking earlier than scheduled for the day. Peak picking should last thru the third week of June.   Our supply of raspberries should be adequate so we do not anticipate having to impose any restrictions on who can pick but we have had to close on alternate days over the last week or so.

Strawberry picking ended June 3.  This seemed like the season where Mother Nature was not in a cooperative mood!  First the Easter Freeze took out half the crop. Then constant rains and humid conditions caused severe berry rot on about half of the remaining half.  Those of you are not able to pick strawberries in 2007 but would like to remain on our mailing list for 2008 should mail back the cards to the address on the front of the card.