Lakeview Farms

May 30, 2008 Newsletter

strawberry Strawberries
It has been a cold and exceedingly wet spring --- the strawberries seemed to have pulled thru OK but it will be a record late start.   Peak picking time will probably be June 3 thru June 17 with the season ending about June 22. Overall, it looks like a good strawberry crop. 

 Our current plans are to have the traditional "early bird" picking Saturday, May 31. Since the lower level berries seem to be ripening up faster than the upper level, it's likely we will start picking in our lower level (entrance near pond).  The heavy rains caused several road washouts in our lower level but we should be able to repair most of the damage by Saturday.  We will open at 7:30 AM and close when we run out of berries or 11:00 AM -- whichever comes first.  It is still early in the season, so picking will be scattered -- a few berries here and there so I would not recommend going with the expectation of picking large quantities of berries.  If you need just a few fresh-from-the-farm berries this "early bird" picking might be just right for you. 

Early in the season it is always a good idea (particularly if you are coming later in the morning) to call the farm right before you drive out to get an up-to-date status report on strawberry availability and picking conditions.  Since our upper Cabot strawberry area is ripening much slower than the lower Cabot area it is possible that we will have only of our strawberry patch available during the first few days of the season which could force alternate day picking until the upper half begins to ripen.  Berry size and row width in the upper area looks much larger than in the lower area.

Dried Gourds
Giant Bushel Gourd We have an excellent assortment of dried gourds available for sale but some of the larger Giant African Kettle and Giant Bushel Basket gourds are still not dry -- drying conditions were positively miserable this spring !   We managed to lose a few gourds during the torrential downpour the morning of May 26 -- the water level got so high in our display area that they floated down the creek.  These gourds are probably floating down the Missouri right now.