Lakeview Farms

June 15, 2008 Newsletter

Prelude Raspberry
While red raspberry picking has been going one for the last week or so, picking has been limited to the two rows of new Prelude (see picture to left).   Reveille is beginning to  ripen and both Nova and Camby should be in production sometime during the next few days so peak picking is almost here.
The very late ripening of Nova and Canby means we will probably have raspberries thru the first few days of July.  We anticipate having a good crop of raspberries but the large number of emails that we send plus raspberry cards to last years customers arriving this week means their may be days when the flow of customers exceeds the supply of berries.  As always, if you are coming later in the morning it would be a good idea to call before you come just to make sure that we are still open for raspberry picking.

While strawberries are still available for picking,  the constant rains  have taken a  toll on the berries that remain and we are getting close to the end of the strawberry season.  Strawberry picking is on a day-to-day basis now and picking will be slow as customers need to carefully examine the berries that they pick.  Despite the weather however, customers still managed to pick a good sized crop of strawberries during the 2008 season.