Lakeview Farms

September 17, 2008 Newsletter

Galaxy of Stars Gourds

Pumpkins and Fall Decorations
The rainy weather of the last week or two has slowed progress in getting enough pumpkins, gourds, squash, and decorative corn from the fields, but we should have a good inventory of items available for sale by Friday, September 19.  Be sure to check our availability by variety web page if you are looking for a specific item.

The 20" of extra rainfall that we have had this season seems to have impacted production of some varieties like Orange Smoothie and Prizewinner quite severely -- particularly if they were planted on heavy clay soil.  Some items, like Celebration Squash and We-Be-Little pumpkins that performed poorly these last two dry years(2006 & 2007) seem headed for the best crop ever !  What this means is that we will run out of some items much sooner than normal.

Late Season Raspberries
We continue to have a good supply of both Nova and Prelude Raspberries for picking. We did lose a significant number of berries to the wet weather but both varieties normally continue to bloom and produce new berries until we have a heavy frost.
Our hours for late season raspberries will be the same as our hours for pumpkins --- you may continue to call me on my cell phone (636-387-2695) during the day to get an update on picking conditions.  Be sure to enter our farm at the lower entrance (where our pumpkin display is located).  We will continue to operate on a self check in/out basis.

Fun Things for Kids
Most of the fun things for kids like the corn maze, troll's trail, sorghum maze, diamond digs, and treasure hunts are available during normal business hours. The Hay Pyramid should be complete about September  23 -- a little later than our usual schedule. Gold & silver prospecting in our creek  won't begin until the first weekend of October.   Keep in mind that we are closed Sundays in September and closed Mondays in October. The Pumpkin Troll will be on duty starting the first weekend of October on Saturday & Sunday afternoon from 12 Noon to 4 PM

Dried Gourds
We still have an excellent supply of dried gourds available for sale.