Lakeview Farms

May 20, 2009 Newsletter

strawberry Strawberries
The weather has been a little cool and wet during bloom so the strawberries seem to be ripening slightly slower than normal but still much faster than 2008 where picking did not begin until June 1.   Peak picking for 2009 will probably be May 28 thru June 10 with the season ending about mid June.  Overall, it looks like a normal strawberry crop.  

 Current plans are to have the traditional "early bird" first day picking  Thursday, May 21.   We will open at 7:30 AM for a limited number of customers (first come, first serve)  and close when we run out of berries or 11:00 AM -- whichever comes first.  It is early in the Cabot season, so you can expect very scattered picking -- a few ripe berries here and there so I would not recommend coming with the expectation of bringing home large quantities of berries.  However if you need just a few fresh-from-the-farm berries, this "early bird" picking might be just right for you.  If picking is better than expected, we will open on Friday. Otherwise, we will be closed on Friday and open next for picking on Saturday, May 23.

Early in the season it is always a good idea (particularly if you are coming later in the morning) to call the farm right before you drive out to get an up-to-date status report on strawberry availability and picking conditions.