Lakeview Farms

June 3, 2009 Newsletter

Prelude Raspberry
Scattered red raspberry picking has been going on in the Prelude and Reveille for the last few days but peak picking is probably very close.
The concentrated bloom of all varieties means we should have some excellent picking in the next three weeks but the season will probably end sooner than normal 

As always, Emails and raspberry cards to last years customers  means there may be days when the flow of customers exceeds the supply of berries.  If you are coming later in the morning in the early part of the season, it would be a good idea to call before you come just to make sure that we are still have raspberry picking available that morning.


Due to the cooler weather during bloom and the late ripening of our three blocks near Mexico Road, there is still a good supply of strawberries available for picking.  It appears as if strawberry ripening has finally caught up with customer flow.  We should have strawberries available for another two weeks.

This must be the year for REALLY BIG strawberries.  On Wednesday, May 27, my cousin, Margaret  found a Cabot berry over 150 grams breaking the farm record of 109 grams set in 2006 On Thursday, May 28, another customer found a Cabot berry over 171 grams setting a new record that will probably stand for some time.