Lakeview Farms

August 30, 2009 Newsletter

Prelude Raspberry
Late Season Raspberries
Prelude Raspberries are available to pick now and Nova should be ready in about two weeks.   Prelude is a very mild tasting berry that can be picked even when not totally ripe but Nova is a rather tart but very pretty berry that must be totally ripe (very dark red) or you'll have difficulty getting the berry off the bush.  For more detailed information on both varieties and their relative strengths/problems click here.  For those of you new to picking fall raspberries keep in mind that there are usually both blossoms and ripe fruit on each cane so you need to adopt a "two handed" picking approach (one to lift the canes and one to pick the berry) to avoid "picking" honey bees or yellow jacket wasps.  Raspberry blossoms are extremely attractive to honey bees and yellow jacket wasps "pig out" on ripe fruit.  Unlike the summer crop, fall raspberries are more prone to mold in periods of cool, wet weather so their storage life is limited despite our treatments of fungicides specifically targeted against grey mold.
Our 2009 fall crop is expected to be more modest than the 2008 crop due to over cropping on the spring crop and Japanese Beetle damage to the new cane leaves.  Since late season raspberries are normally less productive than the June crop we will continue to handle picking in low key  fashion: 1. Customer self check in/out. 2. Customers may pick wherever they please (no field supervisor) 3.  Picking status/conditions are not updated on our phone or web site.  For information on picking conditions and hours for the current day, customers are welcome to call me on my cell phone 636-387-2695 right before making a trip to the farm.

Pumpkins and Fall Decorations
Pumpkins, Indian Corn,  and squash have colored up much earlier than 2008 so we should have an modest assortment of items available during the first week of September for early fall decorators.

Dried Gourds

We still have an fair supply of dried gourds available for sale but the quantity is much less that what was available last year due to heavy sales throughout the summer.