Lakeview Farms

October 1, 2009 Newsletter

Egg Gourds for Easter Egg Hunt in OctoberEaster Egg Hunt in October  for pre K children
 For the coming weekend (October 3 & 4) between the hours of Noon and 4 PM we will have a new activity for the younger children--an "Easter" egg hunt in October.  Our egg gourds are so realistic, they almost look and feel like real eggs. Pre K children will be allowed to keep one gourd.  There is no cost for this activity but our supply of egg gourds is limited so we may only be able to offer this activity during the first weekend of October.

Other Fun Activities for Kids
All of our Fun Things for Kids like the Troll, Straw Pyramid, Corn Maze, Sorghum Maze, Dig for Diamonds, Prospect for Gold...... etc. are now open but you should check FunThingsToDo  for detailed hours and days of operation.
Pumpkins and Fall Decorations
Pumpkins, Indian Corn,  and squash have colored up much earlier than 2008 so we should have an excellent assortment of items available in our check out area for the first weekend of October.

Dried Gourds

We have a very limited supply of dried gourds still available due to heavy sales in September. If you have a specific variety of gourd in mind, it would be a good idea to call me on my cell phone 636-387-2695 before making a special trip to the farm.

Late Season Raspberries
Fall red raspberries are still plentiful with both Prelude and Nova available.  For information on picking conditions and hours for the current day, customers are welcome to call me on my cell phone 636-387-2695 right before making a trip to the farm.