Lakeview Farms

February, 2010 Newsletter

This February newsletter is just to let you know about some major changes ahead for 2010.

Pumpkins and Fall Entertainment will not be available in 2010.
Kids at the top of our Straw Pyramid My wife Kathy and her decorated Porch

I am especially appreciative to our loyal Pumpkin and fall decoration customers who helped make 2009 a record breaking year despite record rainy weather conditions.  Unfortunately, the growing popularity of our pumpkins and the associated activities like the Straw Pyramid, Gold Mine, Diamond mine, corn maze, sorghum maze ...etc.  has put a tremendous strain on my ability  to manage these activities at age 70 without sacrificing considerable family life in the process.

Current plans for 2010 are to eliminate all pumpkin/squash/decorative corn plantings and all fall related activities.  Our web site has a list of other pumpkin farms in the area you may find useful. 

Strawberry acreage for the May/June 2010 harvest should be up modestly from 2009.  All strawberries received a heavy application of mulch before the sub zero cold snap so we are expecting an excellent crop in 2010 baring some repeat of the "2007 Easter Freeze". 

The subzero winter cold snap should provide a good test for our newer varieties cold hardiness.  Fortunately, our acreage of cold susceptible  Canby is very small so we still have the opportunity for a good raspberry crop in 2010.

Dried Gourds
We will still have a large selection of dried gourds from the 2009 harvest available for sale starting in late spring and new green gourd plantings will be made in 2010 to permit dried gourd sales into 2011.

Diamond Mine  and Gold Prospecting
Present plans are to continue the Diamond Mine activity during the May/June Strawberry/Raspberry sales season.   We may possibly offer "Gold Prospecting" in our creek on June weekends