Lakeview Farms

April 16, 2012 Newsletter

It still looks like a very early berry season this year.

The warmer weather in March and early April will push up berry picking two or three weeks ahead of normal. Strawberry picking should begin some time during the first week of May (see and Prelude raspberries will not be far behind (see This starting time could change depending upon the weather for the next 2 or 3 weeks so we will send out another email when the berry season actually begins. Use the links above or for more information on each crop.

We had to irrigate over 24 hrs. the frosty/freezing nights of April 10 & 11 to protect the blossoms and newly formed berries and we could well end up having to do this a few more times before May so this crop is not yet "in the bank". Counting the two nights of irrigating and the rains over the last three days the berries have had over 5 inches of water so things are a little soggy right now but the berries still look fine.