Lakeview Farms

April 30, 2012 Newsletter

Cabot strawberry With the extremes of weather during the bloom (going from very warm to very cold), there is a big variability in ripening from one row to the next with some rows having lots of nice, ripe berries, and others showing almost all green.

Current plans are to have the traditional "early bird" first day picking Wednesday, May 2. We will open at 7:30 AM for a limited number of customers (first come, first serve) and close when we run out of berries or 11:00 AM -- whichever comes first. Even though the medium sized Wendy & Galletta are early season berries, you can still expect very scattered picking -- a few ripe berries here and there so I would not recommend coming with the expectation of bringing home large quantities of berries. However if you need just a few fresh-from-the-farm berries, this "early bird" picking might be just right for you. I'm not quite sure yet what the situation will be for later in the week but peak picking for 2010 will probably be May 12 thru May 29 with the season ending about June 4. The huge Cabot berries should be ready for picking about a week from now. For more detailed information on our strawberry hours, season, and latest crop report click on