Lakeview Farms

May 15, 2012 Newsletter

Cabot Strawberries are at their peak

There is still a very good supply of Large sized Cabot strawberries available for picking. The Wendy and Galletta Berries are still plentiful and well colored but their size has dropped to medium-small. We should have Cabot strawberries available until about the end of May. Cabot berry size will gradually decrease and the berries will become more scattered which means slower picking times in late May. For more information on strawberries see

Peak Red Raspberry picking is almost here

Prelude Raspberry Scattered red raspberry picking has been going on in the Prelude & Reveille for the last week or so but the peak picking period (May 15 to June 7) is almost here. The elongated bloom of all varieties means we should have some excellent picking up thru the middle of June...possibly longer. Black & Yellow raspberry picking is still a few days off.

As always early in the season, there may be days when the flow of customers exceeds the supply of berries. If you are coming later in the morning in the early part of the season, it would be a good idea to call before you come just to make sure that we are still have raspberry picking available that morning.

For more information on our Raspberries see