Lakeview Farms

May 26, 2014 Newsletter


With the extremes of weather during the bloom (going from very warm to very cold), there is a big variability in ripening from one row to the next but I think we should have enough ripe L'Amour and Cabot strawberries now to satisfy the "early bird" pickers willing to cover a little extra ground. I would not recommend coming with the expectation of bringing home huge quantities of berries but if you need just a few fresh-from-the-farm berries, this "early bird" picking might be just right for you. The ripe Cabot this year appear to have excellent deep red color and good flavor. Current plans are to start picking on Wednesday, May 28 -- the same date as last year!   We will open at 7:30 AM and close when we run out of berries or 11:00 AM -- whichever comes first. You should still expect to encounter scattered picking due to normal row-to-row variability. Peak picking for 2014 will probably be June 2 thru June 15.

For more detailed information on our strawberry hours, season, and latest crop report click on Early in the season it is always a good idea (particularly if you are coming later in the morning) to call the farm right before you drive out to get an up-to-date status report on strawberry availability and picking conditions.