Lakeview Farms

June 15, 2016 Newsletter

Black Raspberries are starting to look good

Prelude Raspberry Scattered Black Raspberry picking has been going for a week or so but it looks like we should have a excellent supply of ripe berries available for serious customers starting Thursday, June 16. As always, there may be days when the flow of customers exceeds the supply of berries so if you are coming specifically for black raspberries after Thursday, it would be a good idea to call right before you come just to make sure that we are still have black raspberry picking available that morning. Remember that we have only one 300 ft. row planted and may need to shut down for a day or two between pickings to allow the berries to ripen properly.

Yellow Raspberries seem to be plentiful

So far, there appears to be a good supply of the very sweet, small yellow raspberry, Fall Gold, available this week. Honey Queen picking is still scattered and should improve in a few days. Honey Queen did suffer some winter cane damage again this winter so the bushes are not as high as most customers would prefer but this is a large and exceptionally good tasting yellow raspberry.

Red Raspberry picking continues to be good

There is remains a good supply of our late season Nova red raspberry available for picking,