Lakeview Farms

January 13, 2017 Newsletter

Ice Concerns for berry plants

Ice Storm To answer the concerns my strawberry customers usually have during extended periods of ice storms (like the next few days in St. Louis) I can say with certainty that ice storms actually help hold our straw mulch in place by matting down/holding the loose straw thus keeping the plant crown temperature above critical levels. We actually use the "freezing spray" effect during spring frosts to protect the blossom. On Raspberries it is true that excessive ice load will cause cane breakage if not supported by a well constructed trellis using 12.5 gauge high tensile steel wire but we have irrigated our raspberries several times during spring frost control and had no cane damage -- even with a half inch ice load.

Looking ahead to summer 2017

Most customers will appreciate not having to trudge down to our lower level since all strawberry fields will be on the upper level for both 2017 and 2018.