Lakeview Farms

December 30, 2017 Newsletter

Pluses for berry plants

When you brace yourself for the continuing arctic weather this week I thought it would be "warming" to know that extended cold periods do have some agricultural benefits. The last few winters have been relatively warmer than normal and allowed some strawberry fungal pests like Anthracnose crown rot and Anthracnose fruit rot(berry spotting and spoilage) to overwinter and become even more severe a problem the following year. On Raspberries the past few mild winters have been ideal for Spotted Wing Drosophila to better survive over winter causing havoc with the late summer/fall raspberry crop.

Extended freezing also reduces soil compaction

Soil compaction has been a serious issue with some Cabot strawberry plants causing the plant to grow excessively upward with multiple crowns and not building a root system capable of maintaining it.