Lakeview Farms

Prospect For Gold In The Creek

Admission Charge $3.00 per child ----  Available only to Groups with advance reservation during our May - June Berry Season

Gold Prospectors in Creek One of the most interesting activities at Lakeview Farms involves prospecting for gold, silver and other minerals in our creek.

Gold does occur in small amounts in Missouri's northern counties having been deposited by leftovers from Iowa glacial drift, but because of its extreme fineness, no commercial recovery is feasible today.  If you are interested in some serious gold prospecting in northern Missouri and Iowa, check out this website:

Here are some close up pictures and prices of the various minerals that have been found:

Gold Nuggets $0.50 ounce This rock is heavy and has a definite gold luster, but I have not had it tested to see if it really contains gold.  Geologists call this mineral iron pyrite.  Some people refer to this mineral as "Fools Gold".
Silver Nuggets $0.60 ounce This rock has a very silvery appearance and is very heavy. We had it assayed and found that it contains both silver and lead.  This mineral (Galena) can be found in Missouri and is normally used as a lead/silver ore.
Chalcopyrite Nuggets $0.75 ounce This very interesting rock has a rainbow of colors. This is a copper ore that the geologists call Chalcopyrite (or Peacock Copper). 
Geodes Rough

$0.60 ounce

On one side these look like ordinary rocks but when cut or broken it become obvious that the rock is hollow with pretty crystalline deposits on the inside. The Geologists naturally call these "Geodes". For more information on Geodes in Missouri click here.
Black Snake in tree  

Be advised, however, if you decide to prospect for gold that the creek is a natural habitat for black snakes which grow up to six feet in length.

Click here for pictures of some our best "gold prospectors".