Lakeview Farms

Questioned by the FBI

In the early 1990's I was going about my work at the farms when a dark, late model sedan pulled into the parking lot after hours.  Two men wore sunglasses/ear buds and  dressed in dark blue suites with noticeable bulges under the shoulder.  They approached me and  flashed  some official looking identification that had FBI  written across the top and asked "Are you Carl Lask? We'd like to ask you a few questions"

Have you ever had a moment where your whole life passed in front of you ... all the things you have done over the years that might bring down the wrath of the government like failure to check citizenship on new hires, paying a few kids cash to pick berries and not sending in  W-2 forms,  storing a potential explosive like  ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, ..... ?  God knows, the list was endless. 

Chris Jones

 As it turned out, they were doing a security background check on a previous employee, Chris Jones, who was considering a career in the Navy as nuclear officer. 

Fortunately, Chris was one of my most trustworthy and dependable employees over several years so I did not exaggerate to give him an excellent recommendation.  I swear, however, that this event did take a few years off my life.