Lakeview Farms

Raided by the O'Fallon Police

Even before our farm was formally annexed into the city limits of O'Fallon,  the O'Fallon Police department still kept a watchful eye on our farm for potential "evildoers".

My least favorite activity of the year at Lakeview Farms involves  spring frost control from mid April to Early May when late  frosts can wipe out a whole field of blooming strawberries.  I usually camp out in a sleeping bag in our upper shed on nights that frosts are likely and wait until a digital thermometer alarm in our lower level  goes below 33F which is a signal that the irrigation pump needs to be started. 

One night in 2001 I was tucked into my sleeping bag an getting a few winks before the temperature dropped and I was awakened by some strange noises in our parking lot.  Looking outside I saw several police cars with searchlights trained on the shed; just then a loud speaker boomed out "COME OUT OF THE SHED WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR".  

Usually, at that time of the year (April) I usually carry a big knife for cutting out stray dandelion weeds as I walk around the farm.  Fortunately when I stepped out of the shed that night to face several police officers with drawn guns I did not have my dandelion knife with me otherwise I probably would not be telling this story now!  After I explained to the police what was going on,  they seemed satisfied and left.