Lakeview Farms

Save money by reusing your fruit containers

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At Lakeview Farms we do more than just provide lip service to the concept of being sensitive to environmental issues.

Since1979 we have been providing a financial incentive to encourage our berry customers to reuse the containers that we provide for bringing fruit home.

For 2016, we have increased the $0.80 discount to $1.15 for each box a strawberry customer returns to pick in (requirement: one of the standard 8 quart waxed cardboard containers that was initially provided by Lakeview Farms or one of our pick-your-own competitors)   Quite a few customers have managed to take good care of their containers between berry seasons and used them for several years running !   Keep in mind that because of the wax coating, these strawberry u-pick boxes cannot be used by recycling centers and must be sent to a landfill.

For raspberries we offer a $0.05 discount for every clear plastic half pint till and $0.50 for each cardboard box reused by the customer.