Lakeview Farms

Ric : most impressive resume ever

Ric BanholtzerRic Banholtzer helped out with field supervision from 2001 until 2005 when health problems forced him to REALLY retire.

Ric's hobby is wood working -- building small furniture items--especially for the grandchildren.  Ric also took the Master Gardener program at Mo. Botanical Gardens and has been a serious bird watcher since 1958.  He has a lifetime list of over 300 bird species sighted.

Just in case you are wondering what it takes to get hired at Lakeview Farms here is Ric's resume:

Age Year Job
8 1941_1942 Cut grass for people within a mile of home
10 1942-1944 Rode hay bailer pushing the wires through the header boards ($.01 per bail)
11__12 1944-1945 Worked on bailer pushing & pulling plus special tie on tie wires @ header boards.
12 1945 at end of day also drove the truck to pick up the bails @ $.02 per bail

during corn harvest followed corn picker with peck baskets picking up all that was dropped by the corn picker

worked on combine when harvesting wheat, tying the sacks when they became full--learned special tie that was fast to do.

13-15 1946-1948 Worked for truck gardener, mainly picking tomatoes.  Also dusted cabbage plants with arsenic.  His back would get tired of bending over on each plant so he poked holes in the bottom of a syrup can with an ice pick.  He then tried a rope and just shook it once over the plants.  The farmer thought that was a pretty good idea.
16 1949 Set pins in the Maple Bowl bowling alley in the old manual racks.  Was the only one with hands big enough to pick up 9 pins at one time to reset them
17 1950 After a tornado went through north county and helped clean up all the trees, shrubs, and other debris in Mr. Kuhs sunken garden. (Kuhs Buick & Kuhs Real Real Estate).  This took all summer to clean up and burn
18 1951 Carpenter apprentice for Fruim Colnon Corp.
19-23 1952-56 Joined the US Navy and became an aviation electronic technician (4 years)
23 1956 Worked at MacDonald Aircraft as a electronics technician
24-25 1957-1959 Attended college.  During the summer worked for a local home builder doing carpentry, labor, drywall, painting, landscaping.
26 1959 Draftsman for Food Equipment Mfgr.

Draftsman for Niehringhaus Metal Products.

26-34 1959-1967 Purchasing Agent for Bank Building Equipment Corp.
34-58 1967-1991 Estimator for Bank Building Equipment Corp.
58 1991 "retired"
59-62 1992-2005 Field Supervisor at Lakeview Farms
  2006 ? really "retired" ?