Lakeview Farms

Rob & Dishpan Hands

Rob Crangel used to  live across Mexico Road in the house next to Grace church.  I'm not sure just how much work his mother,  Judy,  had him do around the house but I would hazard a guess that he never washed dishes the old fashioned way in a dishpan.

In the mid 1980's while Rob was an employee of Lakeview Farms, we usually tried to keep our strawberry fields open for pickers in light rains -- just so long as there was no danger of lightning.   Usually these light rains would stop and conditions would gradually improve but one day it just drizzled and drizzled and drizzled -- not enough to force us to close down the patch but enough to soak everyone pretty well.  After one or two hours of this constant moisture Rob looked shaken and came over to me and said "Mr. Lask, my hands are all shriveled up and I need to go home."

His sister dropped by the farm not so long ago ( about 2002 ) and told me that Rob had overcome his farm "experience" and turned out to be quite successful.  I told her that in the last few years we have become real wimps here at Lakeview Farms and now close down at the first hint of rain.