Lakeview Farms

Sharon: Eating Dust during the Mexico Road Detour

SharonSharon was an employee of Lakeview Farms in the early 1980's and was critical to our surviving the Mexico Road expansion to four lanes during the peak of our strawberry season.  A combination of convoluted detours and overly aggressive City of O'Fallon police officers trying to prevent prospective customers from visiting our farm forced us to take drastic measures.  Sharon's job was to station herself at one of the detour points with a Lakeview Farms sign and give directions and help to anyone who was trying to reach our farm.  Naturally, with all the road construction and detour traffic, it was a dusty job in the heat of summer and Sharon dressed appropriately.

Sharon did a great job of helping our customers find us and we managed to have a good strawberry season despite all the traffic problems, but all of us were taken aback by the comment of one prissy customer who thought Sharon was "not sufficiently clothed".