Lakeview Farms

Are There Snakes at Lakeview Farms ?

From 1979 to 1990 we could almost count on at least one customer seeing a snake in the strawberry patch each year. During the 1990's, however, the customer snake sightings became very rare.  While I still occasionally see a snake in the lower creek area in tall grass & weed cover,  the snakes now seem to avoid the open areas to avoid being spotted by our airborne Snake Patrol

The years 2001 and 2002, however, were  banner years for black snakes in our early raspberries.  There was evidently a bumper supply of field mice - the favorite food of black snakes.  We had a  LOT  more snake sightings by customers in 2001 ( 4 in the early raspberries alone where the hawks can't fly due to the wire trellis).  From 2004 thru 2007 very few snake sightings occurred never know.....we still have a good supply of field mice.

Snake Bite Stories

There have been only two reported snake bites at Lakeview Farms since our farm's beginning in 1978 but a third "close call" deserves telling:

Missy Cole ( maiden name )- fearless strawberry picker

Missy was a young, teenage girl who used to  live close by (on Knaust Road  I believe) and was bitten  in the early 1980's.  She remained perfectly calm but I went into panic mode jumping up and down shouting to several employees to "find that snake".  We did manage to locate (and dispatch) the harmless gardner snake and one of our employees  took Missy to the hospital emergency room for a tetanus shot.  Although, we all remarked about how fearless she was throughout the whole incident, none of us were prepared for what happened later that afternoon -- Missy came back to finish picking strawberries! 

Missy's brother stopped by during pumpkin season 20 years later (around 2001) and asked if we remembered Missy--I told him Missy's story was farm legend!  Missy is married now with children but I forgot to ask her brother what her married name is now so if anyone knows let me know.  A current or old picture would also be great!

An interesting sidelight to those of us that have ever been past over in hiring -- Missy had applied for work at Lakeview Farms the  summer before her snake bite and for some unknown reason was never hired.  This was undoubtedly one of the worst personnel decisions I have ever made!


Kari Peck - 

Karri Peck

Kari was a Lakeview Farms employee who was always fascinated with animals, bugs,  and other crawly critters.  Her early ambition I believe was to be a biologist.  Some time in the early 1990's Kari was crossing the creek to weed or prune blackberries with a group of other employees and saw a "cute" gardner snake.   Kari could not resist the temptation and picked up the snake.  The snake, of course, managed to bite her on the finger.  The Mafia "code of silence" prevailed, however, and I did not hear about the incident for over a year.  Click her for more Kari stories


Farmer Carl - a toy snake bites back

After hearing numerous complaints from one of my strawberry field supervisors regarding a   group that did not want to follow directions, I decided not to directly confront them but try a more subtle approach to encourage them to leave.  Taking one of the hissing toy snakes we use for the troll bridge during during "visit the troll" days, I had the supervisor distract the troublesome customers while I carefully placed the snake in the strawberry bushes ahead of where they were currently picking.  As luck would have it, they never saw the "snake" so I removed it and put it in my tractor tool box later that day for safekeeping.

I forgot about the incident until a week later when I opened my tool box to grab a wrench -- every employee on the farm practically rolled on the ground laughing when I screamed and turned white!