Lakeview Farms

Strawberry Photo Album

A customer, Keith Hoelting, broke the record weight for a full box of strawberry on June 3, 2015

Photos of largest strawberries ever picked at Lakeview Farms

Eleanor and Anna eating strawberries at the diamond table May 2012.

Caleigh  -- a young strawberry lover with his mother Amy on May 29, 2011

Very unusually star shaped Cabot strawberry found by Sam & Robbie on June 3, 2009 

Two very cute but disappointed potential strawberry pickers, Ruby & Lyla, when they were told by their grandmother, Fran N. that they could not pick strawberries because the season was already over (June 21, 2008)

Carolyn -- a customer who could not stop filling her box of Strawberries on June 3, 2006.

Loyal Strawberry customer and potential Hall of Fame ex employee Joyce Townsend on June 8, 2004: 

Strawberry & Raspberry pickers Katlyn, Chris, and Kimberly Stone who came all the way from the Kansas City area just to pick berries on June 7, 2004 

Sam holding a huge Cabot Strawberry at home on June 9, 2003:

Brianna and Jessica,  Two young girls who pick a big box of Strawberries on June 13, 2003 

Margaret, the Good Samaritan Strawberry Picker: June 12, 2003:

(Sarah, Kate & Anika) Mothers helpers for Strawberry picking on May 21, 2003:

Strawberry Picking near the lake

Customer Photos from May 15, 2001

More Customer photos from May 15, 2001

Four Young strawberry pickers (May 2001) who had good luck prospecting for Gold and digging for diamonds

Three young "strawberry pickers" who worked very hard a mining for diamonds on June 9, 2001.