Lakeview Farms

Strawberry Picking Restrictions in 2007

We plan to open normally with the usual email at the start of the season (late May) and mail post cards to prior year strawberry customers in good standing about the same time.  These cards were all printed, stamped, and addressed this January.   There will be no restrictions on who can pick for the first few days of the season while the cards are being delivered but if the flow of customers appears likely to force inordinately early closings, we may take steps to limit picking to only current year strawberry card recipients on a day by day basis.  If you have not received a 2007 strawberry card by May 24, 2007, be sure to check the berry hotline (636-978-8830) no earlier than the afternoon before you plan to visit our farm to see if restricted picking will be in force for the following day.

While restrictions are more likely in early midseason peak demand periods (like the Friday & Saturday before Memorial Day).  We hope that we will not find it necessary to utilize restrictions late in the season but significant further loss of strawberries to wet  weather or other causes could force a change in these plans. Some of the frequently asked questions that have come up when we have restricted picking in the past are:

Can I bring a friend? Yes but I'd suggest not filling a whole car with "friends".
Can I use a strawberry card from last year? No
Are children still welcome? Yes
I forgot/lost the strawberry card I received -- can I still pick? We will have a computer list of everyone who was sent a strawberry card in 2007 available at the main entrance.
I turned my card in when I picked earlier -- can I pick again? Yes (see above)
I picked last year but did not receive a strawberry card this year. There can be many reasons for this to happen -- one of the major reasons is failure to return your card when you picked last year.  Unless your name is on our computer list of those who picked in 2006, there is not much we can do about it in 2007 other than to insure that you receive a card in 2008.
I am a loyal customer who has picked  every year for the past XX years but missed last year.  Will I be able to pick? A Strawberry card was prepared for these customers in January and will be sent with the regular postcards.