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Strawberry Recipes and Jam

  Strawberry Jam  
 Sour Cream Berry Pie  
Strawberry Banana Split Cake Strawberry Banana Split Cake This recipe was furnished by Mary Uhe
 Strawberry Rhubarb Pie This timeless standard is one of my wife's favorite recipes
  Strawberry Refresher  
  Strawberry Trifle Pie  
  Summer Pudding  
ChocXolate CovXered StrawXberries ChocXolate Covered StrawXberries so good it's X rated
Strawberry Pie Traditional Strawberry Pie   
Strawberry Glazed Pie Glazed Strawberry Pie  
  Lemon Berry Pie  
  Strawberry Ice This recipe was furnished by Doris Schmidt
  Chilled Strawberry Soup This recipe was furnished by Doris Schmidt

An excellent source of  strawberry recipes is Hope Pryor's website:

Another good source for strawberry recipes is What's Cooking America