Lakeview Farms

Twins: Seeing Double

I don't know what the probabilities are but we have had four sets of identical twins employed here at Lakeview Farms over the years:

Carol & Cathy Wojciki (1980) Carol & Cathy Wojciki Carol & Cathy were two of the most likeable and hard working young ladies that ever worked for me.  I haven't heard from them in a very long time so if you know what they are doing let me know.  The fellow in the baseball cap is Steve Thornhill who works for Burns & McDonnell (Engineering Consultants) in KC Missouri.  Steve has 3 children now.
Bruce & Brad Jones

(1991 and 2006)

B. Jones

Bruce & Brad Jones

Even though they worked at Lakeview Farms for several years, I always had trouble telling whether it was Bruce or Brad.    Both played a very  important part in getting our raspberry and blackberry plantings and drip irrigation started and still drop by the farm  from time to time.  Both still live in the area.

Bruce worked as an accountant at Price Waterhouse and now (I think) is a partner in a local CPA firm.  Brad was involved in Computer Technology.

Kayla & Sara Ohlmes


Kala Ohlmes

Sara Ohlmes

Becca & Bethany Irlmeier

Becca Bethany Irlmeier